NoLimitCoin Wallet Upgrade v2.1.1.0

We recently released an upgrade to the NoLimitCoin staking wallet version

This wallet upgrade fixes the bug where some wallets that were not shut down properly received a corrupt database or blockchain files.

This release backs up the working blockchain and database files and in case it finds the files to be corrupt, it restores them with a working backup.

In this tutorial video I explain the upgrade process:

Check your wallet version
Backup your wallet.dat file
Backup your wallet files folder
Get your private key
Download the new wallet install file
Close the NoLimitCoin wallet
Open the new wallet install file

This tutorial video is for Windows, if you are on a mac the wallet files are located here:
Library – Application Support – NoLimitCoin2. Library may be hidden – press ‘alt’, Finder Menu – GO TO – ‘library’

This wallet update is not mandatory, if you don’t want to update you do not have to. However we do recommend upgrading to ensure your blockchain and database files files are backed up automatically.

Download the Wallet Upgrade Here

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