NoLimitCoin Big Live Update

NoLimitCoin2 CEO Rafael Groswirt, Co-Founder Oscar Peralta, Blockchain Investment Advisor Will Walker, Community Manager Anthony Yencken and Nikola Randelovic discuss recent updates and market advantages of the first digital currency designed to power fantasy sports and poker betting.

Being a proof of stake (PoS) as opposed to a proof of work (PoW) coin means big advantages for holders in the cryptosphere from the start, but the team at NoLimitCoin is taking everything a couple steps further with pioneering features for the platform as well as uses for the coin.

Included in the video is information on but not limited to; New user interface and features for the platform, upcoming releases of NBA, MLB, and MMA on the platform, new look and content on, ability to buy NLC2 directly with VISA/MASTERCARD, new customer support phone number, NLC2 Affiliate Program, advertising accomplishments with, developments with Cox Communications for televised ads, plans for ongoing and future advertising on Facebook and Clicksor, and valuable relationships acquired throughout the sports and cryptocurrency industries.

The team at NoLimitCoin2 isn’t just sitting around waiting for things to happen, and the collaboration plus feedback from the community makes this company different from every other one out there. Watch the Big Live Update video the find out more.


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