News Video Updates by NLC2 CEO Rafael Groswirt

In these 4 videos Rafael Groswirt CEO of NoLimitCoin updates the community about all recent events.

In this first video Rafael talk about Fantasy Baseball, our own NoLimitCoin Poker Platform and a very exciting announcement regarding the World Series of Poker.


In this video we talk about NoLimitCoin’s Utility Coin status, Sports Betting laws and new games on our platform Peer to Peer Betting and Head to Head Challenges.


In this next video Rafael talks about the new addition to our platform Pro vs Pro, where pros play heads up matches where you can see their teams, pick one and bet against other players picking the other pros team.


Rafael talks about our new affiliates program. Where we will offer $10 for each new user you bring to our Fantasy Platform and $5 for each new user to our Poker Platform.

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