New User Interface Update from Kasper

Hi All,

I just wanted to let you know that behind the scenes a lot of people are helping this platform and the new UI coming about. I’ve actually got into this Slack group by doing some research on cryptocurrencies and found NLC2 by coincidence as a recommendation on Youtube. I invested some money, checked out the slack and absolutely loved the vibe and discussion on the channels between team members and the community. And how we we’re asked/able to give as much input as we wanted and that it would be listened to (sometimes more than others 😉 ).

After actively participating in anyway that I could I got invited by Rafael to join the “UI Redesign” Slack channel and things just started going after that. I loved the fact I could be so involved and helpful, it soon became my passion to help grow this platform. I actually just now changed from my fulltime job to part time so I can help NLC2 grow in any way that I can. I’m now helping on updating the WP again plus I’m, together with @michael, the main contact point on the UI side of things. I get to work with the developers, designers, Rafael and the NLC2 staff on a daily basis. And if only been in this Slack group for I believe less than a month. So I would like to invite anyone that feels like they have a passion for NLC2/DFS and possesses a quality that NLC2 could use to DM/PM me so you can be just as involved as I am right now :).

But you guys of course all want to know about the new UI and how it’s going with that. Well for the last 3 weeks or so I’ve been doing nothing but work with the new UI, the community, the developers, the designers, Rafael and the rest of the team to get things as perfect as they can be in the time we have. I hope you guys can understand it’s not just as easy as making a design, send it to dev and boom we have a website. There are internal talks about what we want, how it should look like, etc. But then again with the devs/designers, giving them feedback on the work they showed, etc. It’s a pretty extensive path to follow, if you wanna do it right and I’ve spend like 90% of my time next to my fulltime job on this. So trust me when I say we’re going as fast as we can but it just takes time knowing from my work experience in the field. I’ve been in touch with some of you quite frequently to see if what we were making was in line with what the users want (and what it to look like). We have had several votes on UI decisions where up to 45/50 members were asked to decide with us. I’m a strong believer of involving the community as much as we can.

So where does this leave the new UI now, we are in full development with the new UI. Several (HTML) pages are handed over to us by the frontend developers for testing, feedback and integration with the backend. But the pages take time to make, to review, to test, to integrate with the backend etc. So we are doing well but we’re not done yet. We will be aiming for the beginning of October to release the new UI. We want to launch a beta of the site first so all of you can look at the new UI and if you guys want to help us test it and report issues to us. Seeing we’re aiming to launch as soon as possible we’re focussing a bringing the current platform with some improvements to you first. And we already have a UI v2 feature in the works, which will be worked on as soon as the new UI is launched. So if there’s anything you feel like really should be on the platform let me know.

So to round it up I wanted to show you one of the new features we are including in v1 of the new UI which is the “Field vs List view” option. It offers both the numbers/stats/table oriented view for hardcore DFS users but we also support the options for whoever wants it to make the site look even more amazing with these graphics.

I will promise you guys to keep you updated with more screenshots, updates etc to keep you in the loop as much as we can. And if you feel like it’s taking too long just DM me as a reminder ;).

Oh and if you have any questions feel free to DM/PM me about the new UI, you wanting to help out or anything else NLC2 related.




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