Crypto Daily Interviews NLC2 CEO and team about new UI

Any avid cryptocurrency enthusiast on YouTube knows of the informative and hilarious videos of Crypto Daily. Crypto Daily has a rapidly growing following of nearly 36,000 subscribers for good reason, he creates daily videos on the goings-ons of the crypto-universe and often spices things up with skits, memes, and costumes. All together a very entertaining channel that NLC2 is thrilled to be featured by.

In the video above, Crypto Daily stops by CEO Rafael Groswirt’s house to interview him as well as Dan Hensley (NLC2 Business Development Lead), Will Walker (NLC2 Business Advisor), and Oscar Perlata (NLC2 CoFounder) about the project and the new UI launch.

The team ran Crypto Daily through the advantages of NLC2 and the No Limit Fantasy Sports platform. Among the perks covered was the fact that NLC2 is one of the few coins on the crypto-market that has a real world use case currently. While most coins’ prices are determined 100% by speculators who only buy because they believe the price will go up, NLC2 will have a large pool of fantasy sports players that will be buying the coin at any price simply to play on the platform. This is an extremely powerful concept in crypto that hasn’t truly been implemented before, when investors realize that players will create constant demand, they will buy more. When players see their buy ins increasing in value over time, they will buy in more.

The team also explains that NLC2 is needed for the platform as having our own coin not only allows us to build a community of people vested in No Limit’s success, but also to ensure nearly instant transactions with absolutely minimal fees. In this way we don’t have to worry about large BTC or ETH transfer fees, or network congestion on those networks by forks/ICOs.

Will Walker also explains why his experience in the sector indicates that NLC2 is a great investment. He mentions the often dismissed, yet extremely important fact that NLC has already jumped through all the regulatory hurdles to become a registered California company, as well as completing their due diligence to ensure legal operations in all regions they will operate. This is where our first mover advantage truly comes from as any potential competitors will have a lengthy and costly legal process ahead of them to reach our scope of operation.

Rafael then demos the new UI for Crypto Daily while explaining how the combination of our wide selection of sports supported and the ability to purchase NLC2 off of the website itself with Mastercard and Visa will drive huge mainstream adoption of crypto. Currently there are very few reasons for the average Joe to have an interest in, much less hold any cryptocurrency. No Limit Fantasy Sports will not only be attracting sports fans, it will also be among the very limited selection of cryptos that can be purchased directly with credit cards.

The video concludes by talking about NLC2 expanding to other exchanges with the launch of the UI and a quick demo of using NLC2 to purchase items at the Price Breaker storefront. This sums up the interview by exemplifying that NLC2 indeed has no limits to its future use cases.

Please watch the video here to learn more:


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